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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Lokpal Industries offers a wide range of CDI Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist with power trolley from 1 to 5 ton capacity.

These are designed to work for medium duty rugged and repetitive performance, the Hoist frames are made from Heavy Duty steel plates & sections. The gears are machine cut & hardened. The wire drum is made from seamless pipe with specially designed rope guide. It guides the rope for proper seating over the grooves and is designed to prevent overlapping.

Unlike most manufactures who use a standard motor and a separate brake, our Hoists have a conical rotor motor with built-in conical brakes which are very reliable and extremely efficient. The Rotor of Conical rotor motors, by virtue of their construction and design features, move axially when started. A conical disc with brake lining on it, mounted on one end of the rotor shaft is braked against a similar conical surface of hoist body. This is done with the help of Helical spring mounted in the spring housing, which is placed on the other end of rotor shaft. The conical disc gets released when the motor is started, due to the axial movement of rotor. If the motor is switched off or in case of power failure, the spring operated rotor moves back automatically and applies the brake. The braking torque is 100% above the motor torque at rated load. Thus the brake is actuated by the motor itself without any need of external brake, making the braking very reliable and fail safe.

All hoists are provided with over Hoisting and over Lowering limit switches. Having low head room the hoists give move lift for the same space.

The hoist is supplied complete with control panel, motors, contactors, transformer etc. and is controlled from 24v pendant push button control suspended from hoist.